Natural Acne Remedies

September 15th, 2009

If you are like me and you shudder at the thought of the numerous chemicals in different skincare products touching our skins and being absorbed in (aaaaaaaaaah!!!), here are a few chemical-free natural ways to keep those nasty and oh-so-noticeable blackheads well away from our faces! Just something I learnt while surfing the net, it is both effective, can be done at home, and completely safe for any skin-type.

Effective but not recommended daily;

Ingredients; black pepper (ow!), curd – Method: make a paste of black pepper and curd (this may not smell too attractive so I suggest you do it in the seclusion of your room!). Apply on affected area. Let it dry (but not too much. This may cause wrinkles!). Wash off with cold water.

Ingredients; limejuice (make sure you don’t have cuts on your face!), drumstick leaves – Method: Same as above

Recommended for regular use;

Ingredients; fenugreek leaves (photo below) -

Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek Leaves

Method; Grind and mix with water to make it into a paste. Then follow the same steps as above..

To some, these steps may seem very annoying and much too complicated (a whole two steps to the method!!!hahaha) but alas! The road to absolute beauty is long and hard.